Gloriosa bulbs

The Gloriosa is a plant grown from bulbs. We produce the bulbs entirely on our own. In other words, our company is self sustainable when it comes to growing and producing the plants. After a period of rest all the bulbs will be sorted according to quality and size. After this process they will be planted again.

Planting Gloriosa bulbs is a job that needs a lot of care. Every bulbs has only one point from which they can grow, and this point is very fragile. We plant them in pots, not in the Earth. This way we can control the growth of the plant to every detail. Also the watering and food distribution can now be done via the computer. Which gives us a way to accurately give every plant what it needs. Due to this technique we create the optimal growth environment for our plants. By doing this we also make sure the water in the Earth stays clean.

You want to use your Gloriosa plant again next year?

  • After blooming season make sure to keep the plant a little dryer than normal.
  • After 5 weeks grub the bulbs carefully.
  • In spring make sure to place the bulbs in fresh soil.
  • Place the bulbs horizontally in the soil, about 3 centimeter deep with the growing point to the sky.
  • Make sure the soil is moist and located in a warm place.




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