Gloriosa cut flower

Short cut flower
These exclusive flowers have a stem lenght between 20 and 25 centimeter. They are excellent for corsages and small bouquets.

Long cut flower
These decorative flowers have a stem length between 65 and 100 centimeter. The branches have an opened flower and multiple buds. They are excellent to create nice compositions in a vase.


  • After buying the flowers take them out of their packaging and cut the stem diagonally at a height of approximately one centimeter. Then put them in cold water with growing agent.
  • If possible do not place the flowers in warmer places. Their blooming time with be reduced significantly.
  • If you need to keep the Gloriosa for one day because you want to give it away as a present make sure to leave it in the packaging and store it somewhere cold and dark.
  • Place the Gloriosa in a clean vase. A non-clean vase contains lots of bacteria.
  • Use a glass vase if possible.
  • Fill the vase with water every day if needed.
  • Only change the water if it is filthy. Also re-cut the stem after this.
  • After the flowers are gone clean out the vase with a bleach solution and clean it out a day later before putting it away.

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