Gloriosa indoor plant

The Gloriosa indoor plant is a beautiful plant with an exclusive, exotic look. We offer the Gloriosa in two colours. The red Rotschildiana and the orange Exotic Orange. Both plants bloom extravagantly.
In spring, when the temperature rises above 18 degrees Celcius you can also place the Gloriosa on your terrace, but in the shade.
Gloriosa indoor plants are available from February until November.

Place the plant in a warm environment where there is a decent amount of sunlight. Preferably close to a window. Only in the summer when the temperatures reach 30 degrees Celcius and above the plant needs to be placed in the shade. Make sure the ground around the plant stays moist. Also make sure to give the plant nutrient rich special plant food weekly.

In spring when the temperatures reach above 18 degrees Celcius it is also ok to place the plant outside in the shade.

After the blooming period make sure to keep watering the plant. Eight weeks after the blooming period you can stop watering the plant. New bulbs will start growing in the soil around. Make sure the soil stays dry and around 15 degrees Celcius. Around April the new bulbs can be taken out of the soil and separated. Make sure to not damage the growing area at the bottom of the bulb. Now fill a pot with fresh soil and place the new bulbs in there horizontally, about 3 centimeter deep. Make sure the soil is moist and place the pot in a warm, sunny place. After a few weeks the new plants should sprout. You can now control the growth pattern of the plant by tying it to sticks in an arch or straight up.

Did you know?

  • When the buds of the plant turn brown, it means there is a lack of sunlight on the plant. Unfortunately this cannot be reversed. What you can do is try again next year.
  • When the leaves of the plant turn brown, it is a sign of too much water. After watering there should be no excess water in the pot or soil. If this is the case the roots of the plant can start to rot and the plant will slowly die.
  • Never prune the plant. Pruned branches will not regrow, so never ever prune the plant.
  • When the weather outside is nice, around 20 degrees Celcius, and there is not a lot of wind, then you can place the plant outside. However, the plant is not made for this. So make sure to check the environment first. A terrace or balcony is mostly ok.
  • The plant is poisonous. It is not meant for consumption.
  • You can regrow the plant again the next year. Water the plant until eight weeks after the blooming period, then let it die. You can now remove the green part of the plant. Keep the bulbs in dry soil until the next year. If you have questions about bulbs, check our other page on bulbs.
  • The indoor plants are available between February and October.
  • You do not have to remove flowers that have stopped blooming. This will not affect the blooming time of the whole plant. However, if you think the plant looks better without those particular flowers, it is ok to remove them.
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